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Developer and Startup entrepreneur

I am GFX Color Artist , Junior WordPress Developer

“Merging Pixels and Code, Unleashing Creative Mojo.”

This motto captures the essence of Ben’s diverse talents and passions. With his expertise in GFX Color Artistry, WordPress development, and app creation, he seamlessly merges the realms of visual design and coding. The motto emphasizes the powerful combination of pixels and code, symbolizing the fusion of artistic creativity and technical proficiency.

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Design skills

Graphic design


Web design


Logo design


Coloring & Texturing


Coding skills









What I do

Spigot Plugin development

I started Late 2018 with Skript and recently Late 2022 moved over to Java im still in the procces of learning but the results are showing allready 😎

Web Development

Since 2017 I have a Basic understanding of Html , Css and Php since 2020 i started development with WordPress and am in love with it ever since 😍

App Development

since 2019 i have been making Unity Based Game apps and Games overal using C# i never Released any of my apps yet its still on the todo list 🤠

Graphical Design

Drawing has allways been an hidden passion even though im no picaso i love to draw now and then i even post it on instagram sometimes

Radio DJ

from 2017 till 2019 i have been radio dj at an online radio station from 2019 till 2021 i have been specializing in the back end of such radio stations

Project management

I have some special place for project management its just fun and exciting to start on some great adventure with a new team i the managing of projects on the side mainly as hobby


  • Course Java Plugin Development

    Nov 2022 ~ Present - Course

    Development Of Minecraft Plugin's
    On the Spigot Api
  • MBO All-round employee facility services

    Mar 2017 ~ Jan 2018 - MBO

    - Facility worker in a hospital
    - Restaurant facilitator
    - Facility service provider
    - Company restaurant employee
    - Practitioner health center
  • MBO kitchen cook

    Aug 2016 ~ jun 2017 - MBO

    Employment opportunities:
    - Kitchen cook
    - Assistant hotel chef
    - Cook in a nursing home
    - Assistant cook on a cruise ship
    - Institution cook
  • MBO Host/hostess

    Jan 2016 ~ Aug 2016 - MBO

    - Employment opportunities:
    - Host in a restaurant
    - Bartender in a nightclub
    - Cafe worker
    - Beach club assistant
  • MBO Hospitality Assistant

    Aug 2015 ~ Mar 2016 - MBO

    Employment opportunities:
    - Cookie factory worker
    - Assistant cook in a nursing home
    - Assistant institutional cook

Work Experience

  • Architect / Lead Developer

    2023 - DogsHaven - Present

    A minecraft server Owned By Katelyn
    A active Sr Mod At Apple Mc,
    Who Decided to try it her self
  • Manager

    2022 2023 - Jordiey Build's

    An Minecraft Designing and Building Community at Discord ran to sell Minecraft Builts for used in servers
  • Maintainer

    2020 2021 - PartyVision MC - PV Fan Server

    Because of @PartyVision 's Growing Fame At youtube a group of fans started a fan server to play together with other fans and PV himself
  • Core Team Admin

    2018 2021 - Amusecore - Former CityPlays

    After the Team fell appart and only a few Good staff remained we as admins decided to drop the fancy Names and Be equals and share the last breaths of the server together and soo we did
  • Head Admin & Lead Developer

    2017 2018 - Burning Nexus

    Jeffrey a good Friend of mine wanted to start and host a minecraft server i set up the initial network which would grow into a succesfull server
  • Co Founder

    2017 2018 - CityPlays - acquisition of KittyWorld

    After getting with the old staff shared Ownership we founded CityPlays to Continue on working together
  • Head Admin & Investor

    2016 2017 - KittyWorld - predecessor of CityPlays

    Kitty and i started off as friends and after many many nights gaming we decided to start a Minecraft server together

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